viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Hello Shishigami!

Shishigami of Princess Mononoke as a baby, with the Nightwalker behind. Kinda reminded me Hello Kitty style.

Shishigami de la Princesa Mononoke como bebé, y el Caminante Nocturno atrás. Bien Hello Kitty el asunto.


Something I did quite a while ago (october 2009 aprox, since that's when I scanned it) while working on something with brushes... now that I think about it, I haven't uploaded that brush stuff. Maybe I'll scan 'em later.

Algo que hice hace ya un tiempo (octubre de 2009 de acuerdo al archivo) mientras trabajaba en algo con tinta y pinceles y que ahora que recuerdo no he subido a ningún lado... tal vez lo escaneare despues. Trataré de recordar escribir en español, no todos saben inglés.


Its been quite some time since the last time I uploaded something here, in my dumb intend to not to repeat what I upload elsewhere, but not wanting to upload sketches, cause they will be not so special, I ended up not uploading a thing!

Well, lets start this thing again.