martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

It's a jelly matter


Samicia like to tend to her underwater gardens, and  she loves to do it with her best underwater garments  (a living jellyfish who's always happy to help and look fashionable!). You can always wear fancy things if you work with underwater gardens, since dirt is not that much of a problem when you are surrounded by water.
Acrylic on mdf. This one was one of the paintings that I did when I started using acrylics for real, it was real fun. The inherent limitation of traditional painting (limitations when compared with digital) really push one's understanding of how to use color and make strokes in a more natural way, it can be done digital, but its harder to set limits to what you can use in order to learn. At the end, What you learn in digital can be applied in traditionl and what you learn in traditional can be applied to digital, its all painting after all.


A Samicia le gusta trabajar en sus jardines subacuáticos, y le encanta hacerlo con sus mejores galas (¡una medusa viva a quien le encanta ayudar y verse bien!) Cuando trabajas con jardines subacuáticos  siempre puedes hacerlo con ropa elegante porque la tierra no es un problema cuando se está  rodeado de agua!
Acrílico en mdf. Este forma parte de una serie de pinturas que hice cuando comencé a pintar con acrílico enserio y fue muy divertido. Las limitaciones inherentes de la pintura tradicional (limitaciones si se compara con la digital) son de gran ayuda para comprender de manera más natural el uso del color y los trazos con pintura, puede aprenderse en digital, pero es más complicado establecerse límites a tus recursos para aprender. Al final, lo que aprendes en digital se puede aplicar en lo tradicional y lo que aprendes en tradicional a lo digital, todo es pintura al final de cuentas.

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Samurai Neko Sam and the Three Eyed Kitten

Samurai Neko Sam and the three eyed Kitten

There’s a tale of a young spirit girl who looks after a clowder of orphaned demon kittens after her mother was slayed for her magical properties. They live in a small house beneath a river bridge, charging a toll to anyone trying to pass while looking for potential demon kitten hunters.

martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Fire flower

Samicia and the fire flowers.

Fire flowers are a curious plant that only grows on the Scorched Plains, they are capable of actually emiting heat; the more white/yellow the flower the more heat it emits. The constant windy plains make move like they are indeed on fire.

This aparently is used as a defense mechanism as much as a way of comunication; once a plant feels endagered it starts emitting more heat which is also a signal for other plants to do the same. The accumulated heat is usually unbearable and the approaching danger flees.

Another acrylic painting, I was getting a little more confortable with the media, its very similar to digital painting, the mayor difference is how the paint behaves in different supports and while mixing with other color. I think I have another version of this one, I’ll see if I find it and post it too.

lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

How to walk your dragon

Dragon’s are very active creatures, and you don’t want a hyperactive dragon near your breakable stuff, so a daily walk is a must. You can put a collar on your dragon but a leash is not necessary, dragon stick together with their walkers and families and enjoy to fly around them, making a leash almost problematic since it would tangle around you.

Always carry a big (and I mean big) bag and a shovel (there are some specially made for this purpose) to dispose your dragon´s droppings which usually are a one time but substantial amount.

Sup people! This was last year’s postcard I did for the year of the dragon. You can see how much I have improved in digital painting, so never stoping practice with  critical mind is a good way to improve!

jueves, 18 de abril de 2013

Snow Flower

Snowflowers vines and seeds emits a glow for some hungry animals to eat them and spread their seeds, the absord huminity directly from snow and are quite common in cold weathers. When spring arrives in warmer ecosystems they become dehydrated until the first cold weather of fall/winter and restore them.

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Walk on a sunny day!

Watercolor is a media that I never manage to get. I never tried it to much but the few times I did the result was weird… then my wife told me that apparently, using watercolors on cheap paper not intended for watercolors was a dumb idea. Guess what? She was right, and she made me a sketchbook for watercolor! This was a quick one, I’ll try to make more detailed things next.

martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

Runaway Race



Once a year as spring arrives the Lumos Tribe (Platyhedra Karposphora), little bioluminescent simians, hold a sort of a “race” to see who will be the first to catch the first sextapoda spinacutis to wake from hibernation, since after their slumber a fungal matter rich in nutrients grows in their back and are essential for the Lumos annual harvest of Glowfruit (which give the monkeys their name and glowing appearance). Sextapoda’s metabolism and six legs make them extremely fast and restless, which make them quite a challenge.

Another Samicia illustration, I like how this one came out.


Una vez al año antes del periodo de primavera los Lumos (Platyhedra karposphora), pequeños simiiformes bioluminiscentes, llevan a cabo una “carrera” para atrapar al primer sextapoda spinacutis que sale de hibernación, pues durante esta crece en su espalda una variedad de hongo cuyos nutrientes servirán para la cosecha anual. Los sextapoda son veloces y su metabolismo acelerado los convierte en todo un reto por atrapar.