martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

Runaway Race



Once a year as spring arrives the Lumos Tribe (Platyhedra Karposphora), little bioluminescent simians, hold a sort of a “race” to see who will be the first to catch the first sextapoda spinacutis to wake from hibernation, since after their slumber a fungal matter rich in nutrients grows in their back and are essential for the Lumos annual harvest of Glowfruit (which give the monkeys their name and glowing appearance). Sextapoda’s metabolism and six legs make them extremely fast and restless, which make them quite a challenge.

Another Samicia illustration, I like how this one came out.


Una vez al año antes del periodo de primavera los Lumos (Platyhedra karposphora), pequeños simiiformes bioluminiscentes, llevan a cabo una “carrera” para atrapar al primer sextapoda spinacutis que sale de hibernación, pues durante esta crece en su espalda una variedad de hongo cuyos nutrientes servirán para la cosecha anual. Los sextapoda son veloces y su metabolismo acelerado los convierte en todo un reto por atrapar.

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