martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Fire flower

Samicia and the fire flowers.

Fire flowers are a curious plant that only grows on the Scorched Plains, they are capable of actually emiting heat; the more white/yellow the flower the more heat it emits. The constant windy plains make move like they are indeed on fire.

This aparently is used as a defense mechanism as much as a way of comunication; once a plant feels endagered it starts emitting more heat which is also a signal for other plants to do the same. The accumulated heat is usually unbearable and the approaching danger flees.

Another acrylic painting, I was getting a little more confortable with the media, its very similar to digital painting, the mayor difference is how the paint behaves in different supports and while mixing with other color. I think I have another version of this one, I’ll see if I find it and post it too.

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